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The Perfect Way to Hold Your Pencil!

The Perfect Way to Hold Your Pencil!

By on Dec 9, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments


Students (of all ages) occasionally come in to GAS-ART GIFTS wanting to draw but have difficulty  doing their best work due to an unconventional pencil grasp. The hour long  realism classes  were sometimes spent “fixing” grasping habits. That is until we started looking in to solutions and taking a page from the books of Occupational Therapist!

There are a lot of articles online, especially in OT forums ; one quick fix is a pom pom or tissue being held with the distal fingers while drawing with the rest. So if you have an aspiring artist in your life with either a “five finger grasp”, “thumb tuck grasp” or even the dreaded “inter-digital brace” check out the article and solutions from the Iheartspeech blog. We heart OT’s and speech therapists, you all are doing amazing work!

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