Atlanta Art Classes, BYOB Painting, Gallery & Art School… All in R. Gregory Christie's Decatur, Georgia Children's Bookstore.

BYOB Painting Sessions!

Sessions are Fridays and Saturdays from 4-6 pm & 7-9 pm




What to Expect


  • Pay an amazing rate. Join our 2 hour weekend BYOB Parties @ $15 a person, it is one of the best rates in the area!
  • BYOB! We supply everything you need to paint, including an 11×14 canvas that you take home at the end of the session.
  • Experience a unique studio. Art classes are currently taught by award winning children’s book illustrator, R.Gregory Christie, inside his bookstore and gallery located through the North DeKalb Mall entrance by Burlington Coat Factory and Georgia Power.
  • Learn something new – No experience needed. Our smaller classes and intimate space allows us to help you do your best work and to gain an understanding of the materials.
  • Personalize your masterpiece. Deviating from the color palette, style, composition and subject’s ethnicity or gender is highly encouraged.
  • Choose your own art. The image you see in the thumbnail is not always the final image. You may decide as a group which image from the various canvases on our walls is best for painting that night.

For a higher rate, we can come to you! Call us for details.