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Summer Classes for 2016

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GAS-ART GIFTS has recently updated the calendar for the summer of 2016. We now offer summer classes for kids on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays from 11am-3pm. The classes are on the hour at $12/hour. Under the direction of Mr. R. Gregory Christie, these weekday art classes will teach children basic techniques such as perspective and value. GAS-ART GIFTS also has a Drop-In art class on Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm-3pm. The Drop-In art class will do hands-on mixed media concepts. All you need to do is go online or call us at (404) 801-4926 to...

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The Perfect Way to Hold Your Pencil!

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Students (of all ages) occasionally come in to GAS-ART GIFTS wanting to draw but have difficulty  doing their best work due to an unconventional pencil grasp. The hour long  realism classes  were sometimes spent “fixing” grasping habits. That is until we started looking in to solutions and taking a page from the books of Occupational Therapist! There are a lot of articles online, especially in OT forums ; one quick fix is a pom pom or tissue being held with the distal fingers while drawing with the rest. So if you have an aspiring artist in your life with either a “five finger grasp”, “thumb tuck grasp” or even the dreaded “inter-digital brace” check out the article and solutions from the Iheartspeech blog. We heart OT’s and speech therapists, you all are doing amazing...

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Over the last few months, GAS-ART GIFTS has really taken off thanks to our latest addition to our class roster: Bring Your Own Bottle painting classes. As if step-by-step painting wasn’t already fun, adding a beverage of choice boost a fun night to a fantastic one!   There are several different paintings to select from so every weekend is a fun new possibility. So, naturally GAS-ART has been attracting a whole host of colorful couples and groups. Under the instruction of the professional painter/illustrator, Mr. R. Gregory Christie, they’ve channeled their inner artist and produce some wonderful here: From ladies here for a girls night out to double date nights GAS-ART has hosted them all!...

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10 Books All Young Georgians Should Read 2015

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The Illustrator of “Philip Reid Saves the Statue of Freedom”, R .Gregory Christie, joins the Georgia Center for the Books’ annual list of “Books All Young Georgians Should Read”.   Gregory Christie to be honored alongside other authors and illustrators in 2015 award ceremonies Decatur, GA, July 20, 2015–The Georgia Center for the Book recognizes Decatur’s own multi award winning children’s book illustrator and artist R. Gregory Christie’s work. Christie’s illustration for the children’s book, Philip Reid Saves the Statue of Freedom is to be included in the 24 award winning illustrators and authors with connection to Georgia for the 2015 lists, “Books All Young Georgians Should Read.” On Thursday, August 13, 2015 there will be a private event at The Square Pub located in downtown Decatur; followed later that evening with a free public event. The public event will take place at 7:30 p.m. in the Decatur Library Auditorium at 215 Sycamore Street in downtown Decatur to allow readers to greet honorees. Christie expresses, I am humbled to be recognized amongst fellow deserving illustrators. I consider this award an honor and a privilege to bestow. My gratitude to the Georgia Center for the Book Advisory Council for committing to highlight how the contribution to literacy and reading impact our youth.  The esteemed list is comprised annually from received nominations throughout the year by educators, librarians, along with media representatives who form the Georgia Center for the Book Advisory Council. This year will make the third edition of the “Books All Young Georgians Should Read” and the sixth of “Books All Georgians Should Read.” The advisory board considers over 100 books about Georgia or by...

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Sweet Blackberry

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A New Project on Janet Collins  Maybe you haven’t heard of Janet Collins? She was a 20th century groundbreaking choreographer and ballerina, who also painted. Most notably, Janet was the first and only woman of color to be Prima Ballerina at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. She was also the first black woman  to perform on that stage. Sweet Blackberry  is teaming up with GAS-ART GIFTS, Pixel Pirate Studio and comedian Chris Rock to animate then to narrate an educational DVD focusing on the experiences  Janet Collins. Actress, Karyn Parsons; the founder of Sweet Blackberry has a mission to “bring little known stories of African American history to children everywhere”. The company’s third DVD project “The Janet Collins Story” will be illustrated by GAS-ART GIFTS owner, R. Gregory Christie and animated by the award winning director and illustrator, Saxton Moore. If you’re in to history and culture then be sure to support Karyn’s’ non profit, she’s doing some amazing and much needed work....

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